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Most frequent Front End or Angular Questions asked in interviews

How we pass data between child components and parent components

When do we use services in the angular

How to provide bundling of js and css files in client side

Arrow function and simple function difference

What is use of Async and await

what is Prototype inheritance

Explain Restful services and about stateless nature of it.

About state management techniques.

Handling Security attacks. Cross Site Scripting. Suggest other ways to prevent it.

What is localStorage and sessionStorage? What is scope of localStorage and sessionStorage in multiple tabs of browser.

Where to store token in angular application?

What is difference in angular 1 and angular 2.

How to emit events from child component to parent component?

What is component life cycle.

What is difference in component’s constructor and ngOnInit event.

How to bind an event in angular.

How to bind data in components. Different ways of binding.

What is optimize way to bind thousands of records in a grid in angular.

To use external JS libraries, do we need to add reference in AppModule or we can use directly in component?

When do we use modules in angular?

How to call web api from angular application.

How to pass token in web api call’s header from angular.

We have a div containing username and password fields, how to align the div in center of page(horizontally).

and how can we align vertically center of page.

what is difference in position- absolute and position- relative

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