Java interview questions developers should know before taking interview

  1. Understadings of Jvm Architecture and it’s working.
  2. What is garbage collection and working of it.
  3. What java memory model, and class loading steps.
  4. Java supports pass by value and pass by reference in method invocation
  5. String class understadings and how you can create immutable objects.
  6. How you can handle exceptions and How you will create your own custom execption class.
  7. Map workings and why uses of immutable object in hasmap is recomended.
  8. How you can use the own class in hasmap as a key and What are the points you should take care.
  9. What is contract between hashCode and equals method, hascode and equals method implementation and when need to override these method. You should know scenario and write a program.
  10. In which scenario we can use array list or linked list.
  11. Java8 Features and advantage over other versions
  12. What is Multi-threading?How you achieve it?Why it is needed?
  13. What is the difference between wait and sleep?
  14. Life-cycle of a thread?How many ways we can create it and which one is better?
  15. Multithreading, executor framework.
  16. Which Java versions have u worked?What are the advantages of Java8?
  17. What is Synchronization?How it works? Explain it with example.
  18. What is singleton pattern, write a program to manage that user cannot create more than 10 instance of the class.
  19. How web services works?Have you used REST/SOAP
  20. Rest API implementation and method description.
  21. Git basic commands. how to manage merge conflict and resolve it.
  22. How to revert the changes with git command.
  23. Linux basic commands

To know Answers for these questions go through this video.

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